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Gov. Inslee - Ban Oil Trains Now!

banoiltrainsnow.jpgThe derailment, fire, and oil spill in Mosier, OR--just across the Columbia Gorge from WA--proved once again that trains carrying Bakken oil cannot be made safe--not for communities, not for ecosystems, and not for the climate.

If the winds that day had been what they were the day before, that medium-sized disaster would have been an utter catastrophe.

We greatly appreciate that you said today that you're "not interested in symbolic measures", and that you've asked for a moratorium on tracks that meet only the weak standards UP used in Mosier. Will you stand up to oil companies, BNSF, and regulators who refuse to act, and go further to safeguard WA communities? Please institute a moratorium on all Bakken oil trains immediately, urge Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx to permanently ban the shipment of Bakken crude by rail, and reject all proposals for new fossil fuel infrastructure. Washington State needs to find another way.

Even your own Department of Natural Resources agrees: these trains are no good. We can't pretend to lead on climate change if we're acting as the fossil fuel depot for the world.

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  • Alison Post
    signed 2016-06-24 21:29:09 -0700
    Put an end to the use of fossil fuels, to coal trains, to trains transporting oil. Enough dependence on this dirty energy. We have the technology, put the oil lobby out of business!
  • Sean Horner
    signed 2016-06-24 21:28:47 -0700
  • June Chaus
    signed 2016-06-24 21:28:37 -0700
  • Helen Curtis
    signed 2016-06-24 21:27:49 -0700
    Oil trains are not good for anyone’s environment.
  • Jo Ann Gabrielson
    signed 2016-06-24 21:27:10 -0700
    Fantastic! Wish I could have been there in person.
  • Janet Waite
    signed 2016-06-24 21:26:29 -0700
    Ban all oil trains NOW until they maintain the rails as efficiently as they do in Japan, Europe and etc. Why do we continue to have SO many and so frequent derailings, and in this instance the rail company alleges they inspected that area RIGHT before this train derailed by the Columbia River? What on Earth? That could have been a horrific disaster, and we don’t need any more of the potential for that. We have a very serious issue here and it needs to be resolved NOW. Until it is resolved, the oil trains should NOT be allowed to run. And what is the reason for today’s fundraiser, anyway? Olympia assumed it had “throwaway” funds to waste on renaming Highway 99 after all. Fix that problem too, please.
  • Steven Brown
    signed 2016-06-24 21:25:46 -0700
  • Alice Bowron
    signed 2016-06-24 21:25:31 -0700
    Here in Crystal, Minnesota, I live less than a mile away from where the Bakken fracked-oil BOMB trains pass through. I live in a HUD Affordable Senior independent-living complex. If I have to meet federal standards to live here, shouldn’t the fracking/Oil trains have to have strict federal standards too????
  • Barbara Barry
    signed 2016-06-24 21:25:00 -0700
    Protect all life and our precious environment from toxic time bomb oil trains. Coal trains too!

    Flush the TPP!!

    We are watching our Democratic leadership very closely.

    Pay attention to the People not the Corporate sponsors and donors.
  • Rhonda Hunter
    signed 2016-06-24 21:24:16 -0700
    Keep our communities safe from exploding oil trains & our climate protected from even more carbon pollution. Leave Bakken crude in the ground. Stop the oil trains. I live along the tracks and oil cars have suddenly been appearing here. Scary.
  • Elizabeth Verbeck
    signed 2016-06-24 21:22:18 -0700
  • Bill McLaughlin
    signed 2016-06-24 21:22:00 -0700
    Bill McLaughlin
  • Glenn Fain
    signed 2016-06-24 21:21:59 -0700
  • Barbara Scavezze
    signed 2016-06-24 21:20:58 -0700
    Barb Scavezze
  • Ray Lou
    signed 2016-06-24 21:20:41 -0700
  • Lia Surprenant
    signed 2016-06-24 21:20:24 -0700
  • Charles Garner
    signed 2016-06-24 21:19:38 -0700
    When the State moves Bertha after finishing its present job, I suspect that the State has already planned it to be moved east of the mountains to start the return bore to Seattle while leaving the fill material to be transported to the Hanford Reach area. We expect the high speed train that will also use the tunnel with the auto, truck and Bus traffic would find that milling with oil tanker trains would be unsafe. So if we ban the oil trains now, for the safety of the public, we won’t have to do it later.
  • Leah Hair
    signed 2016-06-24 21:19:36 -0700
  • Teresa Allen
    signed 2016-06-24 21:18:51 -0700
  • Robert Shwed
    signed 2016-06-24 21:17:45 -0700
  • Janet Weedman
    signed 2016-06-24 21:17:41 -0700
  • Linda Jansen
    signed 2016-06-24 21:16:17 -0700
  • Eugene Thorne
    signed 2016-06-24 21:15:53 -0700
  • Alexander Mouton
    signed 2016-06-24 21:14:59 -0700
  • Claire Keeler
    signed 2016-06-24 21:14:33 -0700
    Claire Beck Keeler
  • Lynne Treat
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-06-24 21:14:11 -0700
    Sign this petition to Gov. Inslee: Lead on climate - reject oil trains.
  • Joel Carlson
    signed 2016-06-24 21:14:09 -0700
    Global warming fossil fuels must stay in the ground so we don’t destroy life on earth in our current sixth great mass extinction. Almost all life on earth disappeared in previous mass extinctions. We must very quickly switch to renewable energy including solar. Electric vehicles keep costing less while going farther on a charge so fossil fuel vehicles must be eliminated. Wood construction including large multi-story projects sequesters a lot of carbon. Many trees must be planted. Animal agriculture accounts for a lot of carbon pollution so that must be eliminated. We must stop cutting trees for firewood! Now is the time for action!
  • Lynne Treat
    @LynneTreat tweeted link to this page. 2016-06-24 21:14:08 -0700
    Sign this petition to Gov. Inslee: Lead on climate - reject oil trains. http://350seattle.nationbuilder.com/banoiltrains?recruiter_id=10021
  • Mary Ann Schroeder
    signed 2016-06-24 21:13:44 -0700
  • Lynne Treat
    signed 2016-06-24 21:13:38 -0700
    Lynne Treat